Alex Moy-Albrecht
 | he/him/his |
Avid tree climber and long time doodler, Alex grew up in Gurnee, IL.,  packed up his things and relocated to Chicago, matriculating into DePaul University’s Animation and Graphic Design program working to receive a BFA in Graphic Design and a BA in Animation. Self-titled problem solver and admirer of creative experimentalists, he has done it all – befriended household cats while balancing in-house and freelance design jobs as well as managing school – a task that is not for the faint of heart. Up until a local bike thief found Alex to be the ideal victim of their next heist, you could find him riding all throughout the city, dodging cars, seeking new avenues to explore and good food to eat (still accepting donations for bike funds). With a strong passion for brand identity, and creative strategy, he tends to geek out about clean, detailed, and innovative design that only works to bring a brand personality to life. As a true Capricorn, he seeks new challenges and embraces every opportunity for growth – feel free to reach out for design work!
Get in touch below, or email directly at: amoyalbrecht@gmail.com

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